The personal data chain

The secure blockchain-based exchange for personal data

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Token Sale:


Hard cap: 12M USD*
Total Token Supply: 84M tokens
Token Sale Price: 1 NEO = 150 PKC
Total Tokens for Sale: 36.3M
Individual Cap: No individual cap
NEO Nep5 Token: Yes
PRE-SALE ENDS:  Mar 16 2018 23:59:59
TOKEN SALE ENDS:  Mar 31 2018 23:59:59
* Added value of collected NEO at the end of Token Sale
Total: 36,301,650 PKC
36,301,650 PKC
36,301,650 PKC SOLD


token distribution chart

We are feeling incredibly humbled by the support we have received from our community and thank everybody for contributing. We will distribute the tokens within the coming days. Please visit our telegram channel for timely updates:


Why PikcioChain?

PikcioChain enables the collection, certification and exchange of personal data. It protects the individual's data while making data acquisition and management easy for businesses. PikcioChain is providing the world’s first monetized personal data marketplace, an is revolutionary in its concept and idea.

NEO contributed 3M USD as a strategic partner

Solving GDPR regulatory problems for billion dollar industry clients

Our clients: BNP Paribas and P2Link

In development for 3 years, prototype ready, award-winning blockchain.

Strategic partnerships with NEO, Ernst & Young, Capgemini and PricewaterhouseCoopers

Contributed 3M USD in the Pikcio Token Sale

neo logo

NEO, leading chinese blockchain platform

Da Hongfei

Da Hongfei, CEO at NEO

Strategic Business Partners

Building key Partnerships in the Blockchain space


bnp wide

BNP’s Cetelem (personal credit subsidiary) contracted PikcioChain for the following services:

  • A mobile solution for KYC info collection
  • Collection and authentication (proof of residency and proof of revenue) is integrated into a chatbot for personalized customer communication, allowing for a streamlined online credit request process.
bnp wide

BNP’s Cardif insurance has access to the above mentioned data of the insured credit user, which is connected to four different data source for claim authentication, allowing for a faster and less expensive underwriting process.

GDPR compliance for customer data access and control is guaranteed via the PikcioChain. Business with BNP Paribas is steadily growing


P2Link is a telemedicine service provider. PikcioChain is connecting patient data from the patient’s home with the P2Link caregivers, creating a redundant network ensuring a trustable fallback for all data entries.




TechCode is a leading overseas accelerator. It has established incubation systems in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Gu’an, Silicon Valley, Seoul, Tel Aviv, and Berlin to provide innovators with a global support network.

bnp plug


Plug and Play is BNP Paribas’ startup accelerator, being the ultimate fintech and insurtech accelerator in Paris. BNP Paribas-Plug and Play is bringing the ultimate innovation platform to Paris. Uniting startups with the unrivaled tech expertise of Silicon Valley and the bank for a changing world.

dcu fintech


An innovation center dedicated to fostering seed-stage FinTech startups and the Boston FinTechcommunity. The DCU FinTech Innovation Center is a dedicated resource providing seed-stage FinTech startups with everything they need for success: mentorship, workspace, a professional network, and community.

bahrain fintech


Bahrain FinTech Bay is the leading FinTech Hub in the Middle East, providing innovation labs, acceleration programmes, curated activities, educational opportunities, and a collaborative platform to source partners, investors, talent and build a regional network.



Received label “certified FrencTech”, given to a selection of innovative startups.


Price winner of “One billion dollar pitch” run by the FrenchTech community


Finalist of the 3D Fintech Challenge run by Dassault Systèmes


Silver Medal of the Innovation Awards at the French American Chambers of Commerce in New England


Finalist of the F10 Fintech Challenge ran by the Swiss based group SIX


Grand Prize Bank & Innovation in the Blockchain category with Flatirons Jouve

Use Cases

Pikcio can deliver an enormous range of applications across industry sectors. However, to ensure a focused approach to business and in the interest of ensuring rapid but sustainable growth, we have identified the following areas as our primary targets.


PikcioChain can supply both certified identification records and medical data in the space of seconds, providing comfort for the individual and the opportunity for the institution to deliver the highest standards of care.


The constant growth in regulatory requirements in the financial services sector is seen as a burden by both clients and companies. PikcioChain directly addresses this issue, creating a smooth and streamlined for all parties involved.


Today’s token sale process is anything but user friendly. PikcioChain intends to make token sales much more user friendly by creating the a token sale wallet that makes the discovery and participation in token sales as easy as buying a product online.


Pikcio AG, the company which owns and develops the Pikcio network was founded by Didier Collin de Casaubon, Fabien Bucamp and Dr Jorick Lartigau PhD. Information about the founders’ careers and the rest of the Pikcio team, can be found below:

Didier Collin de Casaubon Fondateur, PDG

Après un diplôme de troisième cycle en philosophie, une maîtrise en mathématiques et un MBA, Didier a travaillé inlassablement entre travailler dans l'industrie bancaire depuis plus de 15 ans et être entrepreneur dans l'industrie du logiciel.

Fabien Bucamp Cofondateur, Directeur technique

Fabien est responsable du suivi et de la gestion des travaux de développement de logiciel et de matériel. Il a travaillé au Département français de la Défense en tant que chef d'équipe en charge de la sécurité des réseaux.

Dr. Jorick Lartigau, PhD Cofondateur, Recherche

Jorick dirige nos recherches, apportant de nouvelles fonctionnalités aux solutions de MatchUpBox. Il a obtenu un doctorat en informatique en 2015, ce qui fait de lui un spécialiste de la sécurité des données et des algorithmes de mégadonnées.

Alizon König Développement

Alizon passe des heures chaque jour à coder le moteur derrière MatchUpBox. Elle assure que tous ces gros et petits bogues énervants disparaissent pour rendre nos services les plus fiables.

Gonzague Grandval Stratégie

Gonzague a obtenu son diplôme de troisième cycle en économie à la Sorbonne. Ses expériences précédentes ont fait de lui un spécialiste des crypto-monnaies et de la chaîne de blocs.

Jean-Francois Lienart Directeur général des ventes

Jean-François a acquis une solide expérience dans la vente de solutions de services informatiques sur le marché du Benelux. Ses spécialités : trouver et mettre en œuvre de nouvelles technologies pour stimuler la croissance dans les grandes organisations.

Cherie Arruda, MBA Co-fondatrice, Plan et audits

Cherie a bâti une brillante carrière de 26 ans dans les services financiers dans une grande banque américaine. Elle apporte sa direction exécutive dans les contrôles internes, la gestion des risques et la conformité à l'équipe de Pikcio.

Delphine Benat-Rassat Opérations

Delphine, avec sa maîtrise en gestion commerciale, a également une expérience multi-sectorielle notamment dans les entreprises innovantes. Elle s'occupe des opérations et aide Matchupbox à optimiser ses processus administratifs, de ressources humaines et financiers.

Kelly Stafford Community Manager

Kelly Stafford is an experienced community manager with international marketing experience, responsible for all social media channels and content.

Kirsten Morel Content Manager

Kirsten Morel is a magazine director with extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency world. He is passionate about the technology and finance industries and specialises in the translation of complex ideas into copy that anyone can understand.

Maurits Grootveld Crypto marketing

Maurits is a professional ICO, Tokenomics and Crypto consultant. He has a Computer Science degree from the Technical University of Delft. After learning about Bitcoin in 2013 his technical background, passion for investing, economics and mathematics, got him interested into the inner workings and economic implications of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Behrang KhorsandianCrypto marketing

Behrang is the Co-founder of the boutique crypto consulting firm He brings to the table 8 years of leadership experience and consulting work for the world’s top brands and crypto startups. Behrang is well connected to in the cryptocurrency space.


Joe Zhou

PDG et cofondateur de FirstBlood, une plate-forme d'e-sport innovante qui permet aux joueurs de défier leur domaine de prédilection et de remporter des récompenses. Il s'agit également de l'un des premiers projets basés sur Ethereum à avoir levé des fonds à travers le lancement de jetons. Fondateur et PDG d'Alt-Options LLC, la première plate-forme de négociation de Bitcoin située aux États-Unis.

Lidia Bolla

Après avoir obtenu un doctorat en finance, Lidia a cofondé des start-ups dans les domaines de l'investissement en crypto-monnaie et des applications d'apprentissage automatique. Elle conseille PikcioChain en ce qui concerne l'analyse de données et les applications liées aux services financiers.

Thomas Galovic

Founder of Crypto Investment Bank Technocracy Associates; ex UNDP, World Bank Group staffer & DKVentures Associate; covering European and Russia&CIS markets.

Luke Szkudlarek

Luke has over 10 years international experience in the digital sector, leading a growth marketing and development agency in Zurich, specialising in fintech & cryptofinance.

Mario Colombo

Mario has over 8 years of experience in communications, web development and digital marketing. He is an experienced product manager for mobile and web applications and specialises in helping startups with prototyping, “go to market” strategies, customer acquisition and growth hacking.

Victor Chow

A serial entrepreneur and senior corporate leader in venture capital, start-ups, telecommunications, ICT, financial and education technologies and who turned business investor. He held CXO positions across general management, strategic planning, business development, sales, marketing and global operations management in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

PikcioChain's technical team

our tech team


  • February 2018

    Design of MIP (Miner Incentive Program). The program is designed to attract miners worldwide to help grow the PikcioChain network and infrastructure.

  • March 2018

    Release of PikcioChain’s Proof of Activity Protocol

  • March 2018 Wallet: Registration process for new wallet, create Profile, upload KYC documents, check of proof of identity and proof of residency documents

  • April 2018

    Add new crypto wallet (ETH, NEO), import existing crypto wallet, make transactions from/to wallet, send wire transfer to wallet, add credit card to wallet

  • Q2 2018

    Release of PikcioLab (smart contract builder), allowing to push programs to the PikcioChain.

  • Q2 2018

    Hybrid application of the PikcioChain iOS Wallet, partly P2P, partly using relays.

  • Q2 2018

    Execute Pikcio MIP (miner-incentive program), to attract miners worldwide to help grow the PikcioChain network and infrastructure.

  • TBD

    Full P2P release of the PikcioChain iOS Wallet.